(These are excerpts from 200-page books.)

Great General Mighty Wing
My introduction to GREAT GENERAL MIGHTY WING is featured in the ezine, WORDS WITHOUT BORDERS, here.

The Crystal Key
THE CRYSTAL KEY is currently being serialized in The Korean Quarterly

My co-translation of BLIZZARD IN THE JUNGLE is featured in the February-April 2009 issues of WORDS WITHOUT BORDERS:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

My co-translation of THE SECRET OF FREQUENCY A in the February 2011 issues of WORDS WITHOUT BORDERS:
Part 1 - "An Incredible Disaster"
Part 2
Part 3

Covers of some other comics from the DPRK

My interview on North Korean comics on TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE


Many students, travelers, and truckers report that reading local comics can be an easy crash course in familiarizing yourself with the culture of these new cities. Students can explore how that particular location communicates, travelers can see how social interactions take place, and truckers report that the comics are a great escape -- and a lot more entertaining than flipping through a normal Truckers Report.